Enhancing Your Communication and Presentation Skills I & II

Public Sessions:
To maximize participation and ensure a rewarding and personalized experience; sessions are limited to a maximum seven participants.

EYCPS I Skills Development
2009 Public Sessions

January 22-23
February 16-17
March 24-25
April 28-29
May 19-20
June 16-17

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are held in the Phoenix, AZ area.

EYCPS II Skills Mastery
2009 Public Sessions

February 25-26
March 18-19
May 13-14
June 22-23

We also offer customized sessions — tailored specifically for your organization or group.


Enhancing Your Communication and Presentation Skills I & II
Enhancing Your Communication and Presentation Skills (EYCPS) programs are intensive and dynamic two-day workshops for individuals, professionals and teams. Effective communication plays a key role in an individuals growth and success as well as the organizations results and profitability. Whether you want to build upon your communication skills development or work towards skills mastery, the EYCPS programs can help you get there.

Both EYCPS I & II are built on multiple video taped presentations with expert coaching and feedback. Participants are challenged toward communication proficiency by presentation exercises ranging from extemporaneous to prepared. The exercises simulate the types of situations encountered in their company roles and responsibilities.

EYCPS graduates are able to return to their work environment with more communication confidence, enhanced skills and a greater ability to communicate more effectively. Whether it's presenting or sharing the company’s vision or values, graduates are well positioned to be more effective communicators thus impacting company performance.

Click here to get a PDF for EYCPS I.
Click here to get a PDF for EYCPS II.

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In EYCPS You Will Learn to

  • Manage fear when presenting
  • Create an "audience centered" presentation
  • Create powerful content and delivery
  • Present with more confidence, enthusiasm and energy
  • Connect with and influence your audience
  • Sell your ideas with passion to achieve desired results
  • Inspire your audience with memorable openings, closings and stories
  • Effectively manage challenging Q & A's
  • Align your communication skills with your technical skills
  • Speak precisely and directly to engage your listener
  • Integrate Keynote, PowerPoint, visual aids into presentations
  • How to valuable and meaningful feedback
  • Enhance the team experience through more effective communication

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“Just a brief note of thanks for allowing us to attend one of the best seminars ever. The size, structure, and format allowed us to accomplish more in two days than I have in attending a whole semester of speech class. I believe we all shared the same commitment that made us work hard and be like putty to be molded into more confident, articulate and exciting speakers. Thank you so much for sharing your skills and talent with us. Your program should be a requirement for every business person in the community.”
- Educator

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